I'm Angry Enough to Change Myself

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Points to Note for Exercising


  1. The only way to lose weight is to eat less.
  2. Is hunger really painful? Doesn't it go away for a while if you get interested in or distracted by something else?
  3. Exercise doesn't burn off significantly more calories than sleeping does. That is, your body's metabolism (digesting food, thinking, making your heart beat, healing cuts, and so on) burns off most of your calories, and you'll gain just as much weight by eating more as somebody who has been sitting around all day
  4. it's very important. If you cut down the calories you eat without exercising, your hypothalamus will think you're faced with a life-threatening shortage of food. It will slow down your metabolism, desperately trying to make your scarce resources (usually the protein in your muscles) last longer. Then you'll burn fewer calories in your sleep.
  5. So exercise! The activity will tell your hypothalamus not to burn up your muscles (since you're using them) and to burn lots of calories by keeping your metabolism going fast
  6. Diet" is a dangerous word. It implies that when you lose enough weight you can go back to eating what you used to eat. No! Then you might gain the weight back. Don't "go on" a diet; change your diet -- your whole way of eating – permanently
  7. Budget all the calories you eat into your diet; they're all good
  8. Lower the number of calories you eat a little at a time, so you won't be too hard on yourself
  9. Count the calories in everything you eat and drink, because all calories are equal, no matter what food or beverage they're in. Calories are calories
  10. Drink lots of water; you need it. Yes, losing water causes weight loss at first, but denying yourself water doesn't cause more weight loss in the future, and drinking more water rarely causes weight gain.
  11. Losing weight is about how many calories you eat. It's important to eat reasonably nutritious meals, of course, but it's not a good idea to concentrate so hard on nutrition that you don't have time to count your calories
  12. You might want to try different eating schedules and see what works best for you at this particular time in your life


From: http://willigocrazy.org/Ch03a.htm#hypothalamus


The "Real" Day Four: Learning Goes on: AEROBICS, and When Weight Starts to Drop


I woke up this morning feeling rather morose, on account of the fact that it was beginning to be increasingly difficult to lose the weight I want to lose.


So I stepped on the scales, only to see that I was STILL 110kg!


I promptly woke up, went outside and did the following exercises:


  1. 20 sit-ups
  2. 20 skips
  3. I rode the exercise bike for a good ten minutes till I started sweating profusely
  4. stretching exercises that made me sweat (wow!)


I then came back, convinced that I would have lost a bit.




I was a good…110Kg still!


I know for a fact that when I empty myself (go to the toilet) it reduces weight in me, but this was REALLY taking the biscuit!


Imagine how good it felt to come to the office, check Yahoo answers, and get these responses:



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Level 1

when you start exercising, how many days before you start visibly losing weight?

I started exercising more vigorously, and seriously cutting on fatty foods, and eating in between meals. My lunch is very small. Every morning, I ride the exercise bike to the point of exhaustion, skip twenty times; do 20 sit-ups and then walk my dog in the evening. Yet my weight is STILL the same of Day Four of my weight loss programme. Why?

2 hours ago - 3 day(s) left to answer. - 9 answers




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Level 2


I would expect to wait about 2 weeks before I saw any visible weight loss.

2 hours ago

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blythefan2000 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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Level 2


you won't see the result so soon

2 hours ago

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suzanna_banana 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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quagi m

Level 2


It can take several weeks or longer to see a diference.

2 hours ago

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quagi m 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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Level 3


day four seems too soon to expect a change, maybe your metabolism is yet to pick up, don't get swayed by these planned programs, everyones body is different and responds differently to diet and exercise. just eat healthy, watch the snacks, exercise and persevere, it will happen. dont push yourself so hard.

2 hours ago

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noogney 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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Level 2


Firstly, you shouldn't eat between meals. You should be eating normally and with a healthy diet (ie. morning cereal, salad/fruit lunch, red meat or fish dinner). Fruit snacks in between are good in between meals. Energy bars are also good for your cause.

Secondly, 20 skips and 20 sit-ups is only a start to losing weight. Gradually you'll have to increase that number to 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, etc etc. Also I don't know what you mean riding an exercise bike to the point of exhaustion means. If you ride very hard for 10 minutes and you're "exhausted" that doesn't help either. You should be on the bike at least 30 minutes to start out with.

Thirdly, you can't really expect to dramatically lose a lot of weight in 4 days time. Losing weight takes weeks, even months to complete. You're body is still adjusting to your new program, and once it's full adjusted, you will feel more conditioned and stronger, and be able to exercise longer. You just need to be patient and continue with the same routine, if not a little more. Gradually you'll be able to see results.

2 hours ago

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MikeG 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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Level 1


hey rome wasn't built in a day. give it atleast a week. maybe you are expecting too much to soon. besides it's not healthy to drop weight very fast.

2 hours ago

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Coolitz 2 hours ago You gave this answer a low rating: Show

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Level 4


for visual results it will take a few weeks. why don't you measure yourself. this is going to be a better method that weight and will tell you how you are doing. as for the food. go to the store and get some healthy snacks like fruit and veggies. put them in a bag for work. it is better to eat about 6 small meals during the day instead of just 3 big meals. you body will start to burn more energy this way. you are already doing enough physically. take 2 days off a week at least to let your muscle rest and heal. good luck.

1 hour ago

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Art Diesel -...

Level 1


Do yourself a favor get a personal trainer to explain things to you at the local gym. The worst thing you can do is become frustrated over something that you probably know little about. Working out to lose weight is complicated and not as easy as one thinks. See a trainer, he answer your questions, get you exercises to do, show you how to do them properly, Push you past your limits and Fine tune your Diet. Exercise and diet should be about as fun as a small child playing at the neighborhood park.



1 hour ago

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Level 2


Do tae-bo with Billy Blanks. That man is a genius. You see results right away. And you feel it....in a good way.



23 minutes ago



SO great has been my joy that at least, it will take some time before:


  1. my metabolism starts getting used to my regime
  2. my weight starts going down


…that I was tempted to be naughty and go find some fatty food!:-) I desisted ofcourse…it was the morning after all…


Now, some useful links I am finding important are on AEROBIC EXERCISES et al.


I am writing this after having drunk a litre of water in one go.



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day Three: Not Easy...

My diet yesterday was okay, but could've been better:

- a loaf of white bread and marmelade (no butter, no margarine)
water (0.5litres)

-- fish salad (with salad cream)

late noon: three "Digestive" biscuits, tea (with milk)

-- chicken salad (with salad cream) + two small slices of white butterbread

weight in the morning. 109.5kg. Or were my eyes fooling me?

regrettably, I snacked on about three dry biscuits before I slept:-( Walk with Fenix was TOO short--circa 10 minutes


1. a good, married friend tells me I should try to AVOID milk for the time being
2. I could have done without the biscuits
3. LONG (30 minutes+) walk with Fenix, my pet dog, and brisk as usual!
4. INCREASE skipping by 10 more; and pressups by 10, too!

EXERCISES in the morning
1. bike ride (circa 7 minutes intensive)
2. press-ups X 10
3. skipping X 10

Currently in the office. Ten minutes ago, I had TWO digestive biscuits (which I also had for breakfast (X8!!) and coffee (with milk!) Ouch!!!

lunch: plantain & peanuts...usually quite low fat.


must take note of exercises, though -- Fenix, Ironing, etc...

will be back tomorrow--Day FOur. Should have lost the 1 kg DEFINITIVELY!!! I need to lose three this week!!!!

God, give me strength...

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Beginning--Losing Weight: Part I

As you gathered, my name is Emmanuel.

I am highly imperfect.

I want to use this conduit to improve many aspects of myself...starting with...

my weight.

I completed a two-day visit to the doctor today to be told my cholesterol is high, and my weight a scary 110kg. For 6"-er as I am, that is scary.

I want to change my lifestyle and lose weight drastically.

I am obese, overweight.

I want to lose 15kgs in 4 weeks. Can I do it?

This is the first step. Come join me on my journey!