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Friday, April 20, 2007

Month 8, Day 20: Turning Thirty, Losing the Weight

I turn thirty in some six days. Just learnt that a relative--a contemporary of mine--was hit by a car last night. He must have been around my age Possibly one or two years older than me.

All this goes to compound the importance of seeking to improve oneself whilst I am alive.

I am glad to say that I have lost FIVE kilos in three months, which should mean if I carry on this way, I should lose FIVE more kilos by June, and be the cynosure of many a woman's eye;-)) Even though I have and want Sandra, it doesn't mean other women can't look at me;-))

My formula since January has been PLENTY of cider vinegar, hot water, which I have been having since I developed a bad cough in December/In fact, I noticed that I was feeling a bit less stocky some hours before the New Year, and felt it was a positive development for the year.

I have not been disappointed. I am sad to say that, indeed, my PROPER exercising has fallen because of the laziness associated with this type of weight loss. I have been wallking almost a kilometre a day, so that's something.


The battle to combat fat, and become the slimmest possible continues! I recently -- this week in fact -- bought a tub of choco pasta, which I have taken almost a few days to almost-finish! Ouch!!

Best not get complacent!!

BTW, I am


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