I'm Angry Enough to Change Myself

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Month 3, Day 8: You've Got to Check Out This Woman...Cheese!!!

...but first, please allow me to introduce you to the blog of a very sexy, Black American student in her final year. This is the link to her blog: http://jenellybean.blogspot.com/. Coincidentally, her blog is called "Trials and Tribulations of Jenelley Bean". Check out her post on "Oh How I Miss Blogging", and find for yourself a picture of someone who was 40 pounds (circa 20kgs) heavier in January, and now in October, [9 months later], she's evidently, 40 pounds lighter, and effing sexier!!! SO that's on average 40/9, or 4.5 pounds, or 2kg a month?


Progress report:

I did 20 stretches; 1km (exercise) bike ride [I love it when I begin to see the sweat start to form on my hirsute body, and arms]; 40 sit-ups.

Still at 110kg:-( Ofcourse, I had had tea, almost a litre of water, and had just come out of the bathroom...before I weighed myself.

On and on we go...BTW,


: The cheese I have been having is this side of PROCESSED cheese! That could be the culprit!!

but please check out her blog, and my comments:

Delaleuverses said...

Wow, I must say congratulations on your weight loss, keep up the good work. I really would like to know how you did it, diet eating plan, etc. Please do e-mail me.

Great blog...I will come back again to read some more.

Sun Oct 29, 03:43:45 PM

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

jenelleybean, I NEED to eml you, or better still here's my eml: ekbensah at yahoo.co.uk.

Among many of my other blogs, I serendipitously came across your blog whilst checking my tracker on my blog "Trials and Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen" )http://ekbensahinghana.blogspot.com.

I have another blog called "Angry Enough to Change Myself"(http://angryenoughtochange.blogspot.com, where I occasionally chronicle my tribulations of losing weight. SInce I started in September, I've lost two kilos and put it back on:-(( Bad dieting, I know. I have been exercising regularly: walk with my dog; bike ride equivalent of 1km on average three days a week, etc. Still, nothing. My latest post (yesterday) got me REALLY angry to do something more radical about losing weight.

I REALLY would appreciate your help.

BTW, how long did it take for you to lose that 40pounds (circa 20kg)?. I'm in month three and though I have been told I am gaining muscle from the exercise and it weighs more and all that, I NEED to start losing more! STrike that: I need to start LOSING!!

Let's hear from you on either of my blogs and/or eml, please...thanks!

PS--you did FANTASTICALLY! and you look SOOOOOOO sexy. Those white guys are just being hypocritical!! If I might add, you looked sexy when you were heavy, too!;-))

Wed Nov 08, 05:16:55 AM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Month 3, Day 7: Progress? Don't Bank on it:-(

I'm angry. But enough to change? More like disappointed. Sad. Confused. I have a sneaky suspicion I am doing something wrong, but cannot put my finger on it.

So I had a bad eating habits last week. Big deal. It happens to the best of us. After all that burger was not something I was eating every day.

Ok, maybe, [I'm getting flashes of an epiphanous nature...] it's the fried rice and chicken, and eating out on about three occasions that I have done..ok...that probably explains it.

Ouch and ouch.

I have been doing my regular exercise. You know the formula: skipping; bike ride; fenix-walking; whatever else; stretches, and I'm experiencings ome serious pain in my legs. To the extent that I was reluctant to continue that exercise.

But something struck a chord: it wasn't just Mum telling me last week that my exercises are slacking, but buttressed by bank manager whom I went to see about a matter this afternoon. SHe somehow managed to find the time to tell me that "you're putting on weight". I told her calmly that I was doing something about it; she told me to "try harder", and then she recommended swimming.

I re-call that that's something Steph had mentioned on this blog earlier, but I didn't consider it--for purely pecuniary reasons. I am not prepared to roam town looking for a swimming pool; I wanna wait for the A&C Shopping mall to get its construction finished so I can be lazy and go to it instead, seeing it;s only some ten minutes drive from my workplace!

In the meantime, seeing as life is about choice, I am choosing not to put on any more weight; to cut down DRASTICALLY all that sugar (I'm getting epiphanous sensations that it's also a lot to do with that and possibly the cheese I am including with my breakfast) Tomatoes are fine, but cheese every day possibly is a huge


I want to end the year at at least 105kg.
I want to end the year at at least 105kg.
I NEED to end the year at 100kg
I NEED to end the year at 100kg
I need to lose MORE weight
I NEED to drink more water
I need to eat LESS sugar

AM I a contradictory bastard? Yeah, cos I cannot even decide what weight I want to be at?

Tell me!

100kg. Can you do it?

I will try!

Not good enough!

Can I do it?


WHat am I?


What am I?


What am I?


(i'm hungry).


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Month 3: Day 2

On Monday 30 October, I did the following exercises:

1. 20 skips
2. 1 km equivalent of bike ride
3. 30 sit-ups
4. 15 leg squats....

I was 108kg!! YAY!!!...I always do plenty of exercise during the weekend by way of cleaning the bathroom; ironing; taking Fenix for longer walks--that's it!!!!

then I stupidly go and have some fish burger that afternoon in town!:-((

Poh, pooh, pooh.

It's Month 3, Day 2, and I am back to 110kg!:-( Didn't realise that it would have such a drastic effect. Coupled with that also was having stuffed almost myself with choc biccies on Tuesday (circa 3 PRINCE biccies)that you can see pictured above.

ON the healthier side, though, I have been eating cheese, tomatoe and sliced meat sandwich for breakfast for the past three days. Today included. I got some nice, brown bread, put sdliced tomatoes (fresh) inside; some cheese, and had some coffee. So DELICIOUS!

I will be sticking to that for some time, knocking back the cheese, by using half and the meat by using the same amount.

I suspect I could do better on these:
1. Fenix's walk (vigorous and longer!)
2. faster and more rigorous sit-ups
3. more stretches during the day--why not?
4. NOTHING, NA-DA, NA-DA, and NA-DA after 10pm!!!!
5. greater mental and psychological discipline

I drank 1 litre-plus of water yesterday, but NO change, yet:-(