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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day Three: Not Easy...

My diet yesterday was okay, but could've been better:

- a loaf of white bread and marmelade (no butter, no margarine)
water (0.5litres)

-- fish salad (with salad cream)

late noon: three "Digestive" biscuits, tea (with milk)

-- chicken salad (with salad cream) + two small slices of white butterbread

weight in the morning. 109.5kg. Or were my eyes fooling me?

regrettably, I snacked on about three dry biscuits before I slept:-( Walk with Fenix was TOO short--circa 10 minutes


1. a good, married friend tells me I should try to AVOID milk for the time being
2. I could have done without the biscuits
3. LONG (30 minutes+) walk with Fenix, my pet dog, and brisk as usual!
4. INCREASE skipping by 10 more; and pressups by 10, too!

EXERCISES in the morning
1. bike ride (circa 7 minutes intensive)
2. press-ups X 10
3. skipping X 10

Currently in the office. Ten minutes ago, I had TWO digestive biscuits (which I also had for breakfast (X8!!) and coffee (with milk!) Ouch!!!

lunch: plantain & peanuts...usually quite low fat.


must take note of exercises, though -- Fenix, Ironing, etc...

will be back tomorrow--Day FOur. Should have lost the 1 kg DEFINITIVELY!!! I need to lose three this week!!!!

God, give me strength...


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