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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes it feels like this! : Month 12: Day 15

Yeah. It's been a while. I was supposed to be here at the beginning of August, but I got to cleaning clutter around my desk, and at home instead. Either way, technically speaking, it's Month 11, but I suppose people have justifiably not been following. Oh well, things will pick up.

My scales started going wonky on me this morning. It looked like I had droppe half a kilo or so, and wanted to weigh a few more times to get the average. Regrettably, the scales stopped at "40" after I had stepped down!

Quadruple ouch and all that!

Thankfully, I'm a whisker away from payday, so I'll have to budget it. Pooh. Oh well. Better to be monitoring my weight for the price of some $2.30 scale, than fooling myself into thinking I am losing!!

A very necessary sacrifice--unless by some miracle, the scales decide to work...

I'm currently at 106.5kg. Regrettably went up and down, and sometimes more up than down:-(

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