I'm Angry Enough to Change Myself

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Month 3, Day 7: Progress? Don't Bank on it:-(

I'm angry. But enough to change? More like disappointed. Sad. Confused. I have a sneaky suspicion I am doing something wrong, but cannot put my finger on it.

So I had a bad eating habits last week. Big deal. It happens to the best of us. After all that burger was not something I was eating every day.

Ok, maybe, [I'm getting flashes of an epiphanous nature...] it's the fried rice and chicken, and eating out on about three occasions that I have done..ok...that probably explains it.

Ouch and ouch.

I have been doing my regular exercise. You know the formula: skipping; bike ride; fenix-walking; whatever else; stretches, and I'm experiencings ome serious pain in my legs. To the extent that I was reluctant to continue that exercise.

But something struck a chord: it wasn't just Mum telling me last week that my exercises are slacking, but buttressed by bank manager whom I went to see about a matter this afternoon. SHe somehow managed to find the time to tell me that "you're putting on weight". I told her calmly that I was doing something about it; she told me to "try harder", and then she recommended swimming.

I re-call that that's something Steph had mentioned on this blog earlier, but I didn't consider it--for purely pecuniary reasons. I am not prepared to roam town looking for a swimming pool; I wanna wait for the A&C Shopping mall to get its construction finished so I can be lazy and go to it instead, seeing it;s only some ten minutes drive from my workplace!

In the meantime, seeing as life is about choice, I am choosing not to put on any more weight; to cut down DRASTICALLY all that sugar (I'm getting epiphanous sensations that it's also a lot to do with that and possibly the cheese I am including with my breakfast) Tomatoes are fine, but cheese every day possibly is a huge


I want to end the year at at least 105kg.
I want to end the year at at least 105kg.
I NEED to end the year at 100kg
I NEED to end the year at 100kg
I need to lose MORE weight
I NEED to drink more water
I need to eat LESS sugar

AM I a contradictory bastard? Yeah, cos I cannot even decide what weight I want to be at?

Tell me!

100kg. Can you do it?

I will try!

Not good enough!

Can I do it?


WHat am I?


What am I?


What am I?


(i'm hungry).



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