I'm Angry Enough to Change Myself

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Month 2: Day 3: Am Losing it...

You could say, in so many ways, that I have been emboldened by John Schaefer, and Steph's comments. Let's just say it.

I have been emboldened by...(you get the picture);-))

I am losing it...the weight that is!!

Yesterday, I weighed myself...and found out that I am 108kg!!! Ofcourse, this was after my shower before work, and after a visit to the bathroom; I still cannot get it round my head how much emptying ourselves of waste helps with weight-reduction! Can it be that heavy?

I need to build my muscles. I need to go for LONGER walks with Fenix. I need to be MORE DISCIPLINED in the evening over food. I NEED to continue my bike rides--for longer. Thanks for the tip over the twenty minutes, Steph!

Lessons learnt...certainly!